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Why Use EcomVeterans?

Starting the Ecommerce journey can be scary and complicated especially if you don’t live in the US or the UK. And this was the Initial Idea of Ecomveterans. We believe everyone is equal! Being Born in a country that doesn’t support startups like other countries shouldn’t be a ‘dead-end’. We will personally open a limited company for you in London. In order to have the full rights to use Stripe.  And connect you with the right accountants and legal experts, and help you during every step of the way of your Ecommerce journey.


Payment Processing Solved

UK Stripe, Payoneer & Transferwise accounts for a limitless selling with no worries.

Your Company, LTD, London

Get your company started in the 3rd largest startup hub of the world, London-Uk.


Fast & Easy

Your company and the payment processing accounts will be ready in 7-9 days.


Personal Touch

We’ll help you during every step of the way, and we MEAN it.

How Long Will It Take?

Day 1

Submit your application - Application reviewed and you're asked to pay.

Day 4

Company formed in London.

Day 5

Stripe account created.

Day 7-10

Receive company documents via email.

Created By Ecommerce Entrepreneurs For Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Geenen Bob


Originary from London, Bob is an FBA seller who has been operating on the field since 2017, and has since then built multiple clothing brands. The presence of someone like Bob is nothing but Crucial for the good ongoing of the application of our vision. You need someone that can be your man in the country, who will setup your business and who will look after your interest.

What Beta Testers Have To Say

It was a true pleasure working with Ecomveterans, I literally did nothing besides providing them with the documents and information they needed, everything was setup and done.
It is truly game changing, highly recommend

Edward Mazur
Dealing with payment gateways was a true nightmare for the past 2 years, even thought of changing business model to avoid holds and bans and the frustration that comes out of it. So working with ecomveterans was truly a good choice, got our company and stripe account working in 8days and can now focus on the main things
Emilio Kumar


Our service consists on opening a Stripe UK account. The process is simple. Basically, we will setup a limited liability company in the UK, this will be your company that will allow you to run your business. We will then open for you a Stripe UK account and send you all you paperwork. You will have a proper UK company to run your business without any worries about having a gateway shutdown. We will will also be  helping you to meet with accountants if needed too.

It is a single payment of 500 USD. Additional services will cost you only service or documentation fee. But nothing crazy.

Making a US LLC has been the optimal and most recommended option to conduct overseas for many years. However, a small percentage of its users started using this easily reachable solution in order to run scam businesses (sending empty packages,etc..) which resulted on a tremendous charge backs that had to be paid by Stripe itself. 

This led Stripe US to tighten its rules and standards of businesses to be worked with. Which is luckily not the case for Stripe UK  that has more flexible rules. 

At the moment, pretty much all US LLC users have or will be receiving shortly an email asking for proof of:

_US Physical Bank account, 

_US Physical And Verifiable Business Address

_Proof of At Least One US Located Employee. 

There is no 100% guarantee we can offer, those companies have their own policies. But I can say in UK, things works way better then US. There is common sense in this country, and I believe our services are way different than the others. Stripe is making it harder and harder like every other payment processor. At some point they are right and At some point they are wrong. They are trying to get rid of sellers who are doing business wrong, we all know them and understood that. These bad sellers are the main problem, not Stripe. Because of them, things are harder for everyone and Stripe closes the honest small business too In order to avoid risks.However, this is simply the most legal and consistent way of using stripe services at the moment. We are continuously searching for new possibilities and this one has been proven to be the best by far. Besides, keep in mind that even if by any chance you get a store shut down (registered under the UK stripe). You can always setup a new one using the same business. Without having to register a new one.

If you are an overseas Dropshipper and you have a US LLC but don’t physically operate in the US, sadly things are getting a bit difficult. You need to get prepared. You need someone than can be your man in the country you setup your business in.Someone who will look after your interest.And formation companies don’t do that.

If you are not a resident, it can be hard to open a business account for non-residents in the UK. If you have a UK or EU residency you can but otherwise, it is an expensive process. Most of our customers are using Stripe to Payoneer, perfectly with no problem. But if you really would like to get proper UK Business Account we do have a partner that does that for 1500 GBP (Super expensive process).

You will not be required to register for VAT as you are drop shipping. This is because your goods are never being ‘owned’ within the EU before they reach the end consumer.

VAT registration is not included but we can do that with a little fee for you. The taxable turnover threshold which determines whether a person must be registered for VAT, is at £85,000. We will introduce you to accountants who will make it easier for you.

Corporation tax is around 20% in the UK for Limited companies. We will introduce you to accountants who will help you with all these information and look after you. See here for full information about tax.

If you have been following our facebook page/group. This has been the only solution provided for a long time, which is the European sole proprietorship option. 

This solution has worked for a lot of people (including us) and allowed some to scale aggressively. However, these are still accounts not made under real businesses and can sometimes go wrong if your business isn’t well made/managed. It can also be flagged if your website is clearly a poorly made dropshipping store with non-branded random products.

We are still using those accounts on multiple brands now but your business has to be well made and handled to keep it ongoing without having an actual registered business.  We have officially stopped selling those accounts for now as 2 of 3 accounts get banned.  We do however, sell the technique to make them. For 1500$.

It has to be understood that every approved Stripe account is subject to a manual review by Stripe.  We’ve made more than 3000 accounts in the past 2 years. We have tried every possibility and seen all kinds of wrong judgments made by stripe. So you can be sure that anyone who promises you unrealistic perfect outcomes of that process is lying to you.

Your Stripe Account will be Either in USD / EUR /GBP. You have the choice.

Yes. You can have as many stores/websites as you want linked to your Stripe account.

Though the account will have enough credit and will be fine to be used directly without any instructions or significant thinking. 

We’ve come to a lot of conclusions during our 2years of working with stripe. 

Due to that, we will be telling you exactly how to use the account to maintain it permanently. There will be no major things to do. Only Simple but efficient things.

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